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About Us

Our Story

Natalie, the founder of Bright Start Tutors, has a background in teaching maths to those who need extra support in achieving their GCSEs in maths and English. She noticed, as many other teacher have, that students made much more rapid progress when taught one to one or in small groups, instead of in a main classroom environment. In 2020, Natalie made the leap from tutoring in her spare time after school to opening Bright Start Tutors due to growing demand.  Seeing students succeed where they had previously had been struggling, and obtaining qualifications schools predicted them to not achieve, was so rewarding that we are now expanding to reach and support more students and meet her growing demand.

Why Choose Bright Start Tutors?

Pay as you go system

You will only need to pay for the sessions you book and agree with your tutor.    There are no hidden costs or  upfront costs and you won't even have to remember to pay the tutor!  You are free to take holidays and breaks when desired with no ongoing commitment.

Top tutors

We only take on around the top 5% of tutors who apply to us so you can be guaranteed you are getting the best in the business.  All are experience in their subject, and extensively interviewed to make sure they possess the teaching skills needed to ensure you make progress.

Study from home

With Bright Start Tutors you won't even need to leave your home for tuition!  No more traipsing around to tuition centres after school, sometimes with younger siblings in tow.  All tuition can be completed directly from your home and we will match tutors to your availability to make sure we find a time that suits you.

Specialist Subjects

Bright Start Tutors specialise in maths and English tuition for any school-aged children as well as adults that would like support with their maths and English skills.  We have specialist tutors for both primary and secondary education so that learning is focused to the relevant National Curriculum areas.

Some of our tutors do have other interests or subjects that they are also able to teach so if you are interested in support outside of English and maths please do get in contact and we will do our best to help!

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